Monday, December 5, 2011

Other work other places

I recently wrote this piece for my friends' website, Bully Pulp:

It's a little ... strident. People who understood what I was trying to say saw what I was getting at, but I'm thinking I could have said it better.

I also just wrote this, which was published today, on my two-year anniversary of moving to New York City:

I hope a lot of people read the second piece. The editor called it "relatable." I like that. I think it's the most personal piece I've published anywhere besides my own website since I was writing opinion columns for The Bona Venture back in, gasp, the 90s.

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naomi said...

OMG I'm finally reading your blawg! Give me a month or two to catch up on all your entries, but I've decided to try to pick up the kicked over traces of my US buddies, as I've been woefully poor at keeping up and supporting others' online activities. for shame! But no more!